Composing Music in the Cloud

Presentation video of Counterpoint Composer and LinnStrument

Just a note that a presentation on Counterpoint Composer that I gave to a wonderful audience at the J-Fall conference in Holland has been published.  Here’s the video, in which I play the LinnStrument to help convey concepts discussed in the presentation.  And, yes, I did butcher Bach’s Prelude in C.  Definitely need to do more woodshedding 🙂

Here’s the abstract for the presentation: Leveraging the power of Cloud Services, this session demonstrates how music can be analyzed and composed in real-time to augment musical performance with a futuristic instrument. This session contains an introduction to relevant cloud services, and an introduction to music theory and composition. This session also has musical demonstrations and code snippets scattered throughout.

James Weaver
Twitter: @JavaFXpert

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